How it works?

It’s quite obvious! Users should register first in order to be able to ask the Question. The same goes for those users willing to participate in providing an Answer.
Once registered, user has an access to its own profile page. That’s the page from which each user can change the password, add Twitter, Facebook link, URL to his/her own website, add Bio and – of course – manage all of the Questions. Each registered user may save any Question to it’s own Favorites list (and remove it at any time).
Regular site visitors may subscribe to any user Questions by RSS – if they like.

User Reputation

When other users vote up your Questions and Answers, you collect reputation scores. The higher the Reputation score, the more trusted user you become because it’s evident that you are capable of providing high quality and relevant Answers (and Questions, of course!).

Who is allowed vote?

First of all, you can’t just register and expect to be able to vote Pro (vote up) or Con (vote down). If you want to be able to vote, you’ll have to earn a couple of Reputation scores. There’s a minimum of scores that you should collect before been able to vote Pro and the required minimum of scores that allow you to vote Con for any Question or Answer. Why is that for? Well, it’s kinda obvious that users with higher Reputation score provide more relevant Answers. Such users probably have higher level of knowledge and are more competent to judge whether certain Question or Answer is trustworthy or not.
(Both vote Pro and vote Con values are settable by site Admin!)

Who is allowed to ACCEPT certain Answer?

Only the Question owner is allowed to accept certain Answer as a solution! If you are the Question owner (MUST be logged in), you’ll see a little link below each Answer reading „ACCEPT?“. Once an Answer is accepted, current Question becomes tagged as „SOLVED!“ so other users can take it as a trustworthy answer. Of course, Question owner is allowed to cancel already accepted Answer at any time and pick another one.

Two types of Answers

Each registered user is allowed to post so called „official“ Answer or reply to an existing ones. Replies are treated as comments to existing Answers and nobody can’t vote for comments. On a side note, Answer replies shouldn’t contain code blocks (if any) because all the code will be stripped down!

Inserting images to Questions, is it possible?

Site Admin will decide (theme Options) whether users are allowed to upload images to Questions or not. So it IS possible and probably WILL depend on type of QandA community that a site owner is about to run. However, uploading images to Answers is not possible!

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